About Us

The Flower Farm

Floralia has been growing flower in Quebec since 2010. Since the beginning we’ve been dedicated to growing unique, head-turning varieties that are perfectly suited wedding arrangements and our flower bouquet subscriptions. The garden relies only on organic, sustainable methods of cultivation and uses no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

To complete orders when flower production at the farm is less abundant, and to offer flowers during the off-season, Floralia works closely with other local farmers, fair trade farms and ethical sources.

Caroline Boyce

Growing up in Germany, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother in her garden. She was the first person who inspired me to pick flowers and decorate the kitchen table with them. These little memories stick with me most. And that’s how flowers work—they’re passing pleasures that uplift the heart for a lifetime. When I work with flowers, my intention is always to create timeless memories, even if the arrangements themselves only last for a week or two.

I created Floralia by combining my passion for the visual arts, my experience working on organic farms and my love of meeting new people. Getting to know my clients and creating an arrangement that’s uniquely theirs is the best part of the job.